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Editura Universitara Postmodern Christian preaching

9,63 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-278-4

Publisher year: 2006

Edition: I

Pages: 157

Publisher: Universitară


Constantin Ghioanca
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Rightly, Postmodern Christian preaching, by Constantin Ghioancă, raises the question of Christian preaching in the contemporary period is proved to be particularly challenging. It is known that postmodernism digging the foundation of all absolute values ​​and in particular seeks to reject the absolute character of the Scriptures. Thus, preaching in this era is the sea attempt to keep the word of truth.
Ghioancă Constantin, the author of this paper, a graduate of Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest, over the four years of study at the Institute remained first among his colleagues, took license in theology as head of promotion, with a thesis of this paper license that is material. By this, the author proved the call from God to preach the Word and the preaching of intense concern and approach towards the future of the postmodern era. This concern is materialized in his employment as assistant at the Institute and to continue their studies at master's program in theology.
This paper makes a brief foray into the history of preaching the Gospel through the ages. It then attempts a definition of postmodernism broadly, highlighting the philosophy, ethos promoters and postmodernism. Are highlighted challenges of this philosophy in different areas of human life. Specific emphasis is made on the challenges this philosophy towards decadent Christian preaching as central bastion of the proclamation of God absolutely and absolute truths of the Scriptures promotion. The last chapter highlights the continuity and relevance of the Christian preaching, even during such periods of denial and promote the true values ​​of relativism and the centrality of the human will against the will of God.
Preaching is the prerogative of large-scale of the Christian faith. Saviour, Jesus Christ came into this world and to preach the Word of God. He was desăvarşitul Preacher, while being the message or the word of God and the Messenger par excellence. Also, what was and what He did on earth, and perfectly glorious death and resurrection, are the solid content of Christian preaching. the heart of the Great Redeemer Apostolic commandment is glorified by His apostles, which is to go and preach the gospel to every creature, that whoever believes in Jesus as Savior and Lord, to be saved. (Romans 10:9)
The importance of preaching emerges from the fact that God has ordained it to occupy a central place in soteriology. Monumental statement of the Apostle Paul: "If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved", summarizes the whole work of salvation and restores the sinner. Faith in the Lord Jesus, personal testimony, makes the sinner a child of God, but to the faith and confession of Christ as Lord and Savior is preaching, because "... faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Romans 10:17 b)
So the history of Christianity blends harmoniously with the history of preaching. By preaching the Word was born the Church, by preaching has grown for centuries to come. Also by preaching reform and invigorate and also the bride of Christ is preparing for her husband.
Christian preaching must be and remain what was originally in nature, and hrisotocentrică kerygmatică. The content and purpose of Christian preaching are not negotiable, but remain those set by Jesus and practiced in the Early Church. Also meet this great secret of Jesus is given custody of his church is and will remain the same coordination and work to rule by God's Holy Spirit. Communication forms and methods are adaptable to new living conditions and modern means to successfully serve the Gospel as long as the content and purpose of preaching is maintained.
The author demonstrates the depths of biblical knowledge in the field of Christian theology and preaching. Demonstrates skill in using methods and tools homiletice and skill in the art of not only preaching, but also research and writing scientific papers.
This paper is an auspicious beginning and shown to be a valuable contribution in the field, a useful tool in the effort, struggle and victory of truth to the glory of God and advance His kingdom.

                                                                                                                                                                Prof. Univ. Dr. Vasile Talpoş

                                                         Homiletică Professor and Rector of the Theological Institute Baptist in Bucharest

  • Predicarea creştină în perioada postmodernă

Constantin Ghioanca
Constantin Ghioanca

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