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Editura Pro Universitaria The road to us - Ana Maria Ducuta

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Publisher: Pro Universitaria

Author: Ana Maria Ducuta

Pages: 144

Publisher year: 2020

ISBN: 978-606-26-1175-0

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The present moment is all we have. The more we stay in what we are, the closer we get to what we become. The road to us is not a burden, a tragedy or a condemnation: it is the road we take to free ourselves from everything we are not, from everything that takes us away from our mission, from the love and compassion we have to give. , but which is sometimes hindered by our pride or mind. The shortest way to us? Our life. The purpose of the trip? Ourselves. Duration? How willing we are to learn and let go of our destiny ... that is, our spirit.
Ana Maria Ducuta is 29 years old and comes from Slobozia, a small town in southeastern Romania. From the age of seven, Ana Maria had her own live radio show, for three hours, every Saturday and Sunday. At the age of seven, she was the only child in Romania who was employed by a radio station. From 1996 to 2001, Ana was the director and presenter of the show "Children's Campus". Ana Maria was thus invited by the national TV stations that interviewed her, on shows on TVR1

(“Objective”), Antena 1 (“Sunday with the family”), TVR 2, ProTV (“Under question”), Prima TV and Acasa TV, to talk about the production of a radio show, completely organized and presented by a child. Also, from the age of ten, Ana was a contributor to the newspaper "Concret", where she published a series of weekly articles, which were later published in her first book "From the radio ... in the world of stories for the big ones ”. During high school, Ana Maria initiated the first theater group in French, a group that participated in numerous festivals, nationally and abroad. Ana Maria wrote absurd theater in French, and her plays were staged at many local festivals in Romania. Playing and writing theater, Ana published her first international book in 2012, written in English, "Contemporary Absurd Theater: Love Me, But Don't Fall in Love."

Ana Maria played an active role during childhood and early adolescence in the development of the community in which she grew up and in the involvement of people to expand children's activities and the range of social and cultural activities of both adults and children. From 2007 to 2009 he hosted a radio show called "Fresh Weekend". The show was designed especially for young pupils or students who were looking for additional opportunities in the community in which they worked, as well as abroad.

During her high school studies, Ana won numerous prizes at national prose and verse competitions. He has also participated in theater festivals in countries such as Spain, Hungary, France and the Czech Republic. Starting with 2009, he started his studies at the University of Bucharest, following the "Faculty of Political Sciences" in English. During his studies, he was an active member of the academic community, participating in numerous awareness projects on the need for students to be integrated into the labor market while continuing their studies, as well as in numerous courses and conferences for the development the community where he worked. The bachelor's thesis was a historical debate on the legitimacy of humanitarian intervention in the modern world.
After graduating, Ana was interested in a better understanding of how the world is changing, and began a "Master in Comparative Politics" in English. Her master's thesis had a relevant topic for the Romanian society: Ana conducted numerous in-depth interviews and field research for this thesis. The title of the thesis was: "The social and political role of women: a comparative perspective between the communist period and contemporary Romania".

Ana also finished a master's degree in "International Relations". It was based on the theme of the international war on terrorism: implications for changing US foreign policy. During her master's studies, Ana wrote a series of articles for European publications, such as "One Europe" and "Europe and I", on discrimination against Eastern Europeans, youth unemployment, cultural policies, communist treatment. of women in Ceausescu's time, personal identity in a globalized world, the inclusion of minorities and participation in political life.

After successfully completing his master's studies, this time he enrolled in a doctoral program in the field of history, at the "December 1, 1918" University of Alba Iulia. Ana approached a very debated and, at the same time, unexplored topic: the role of the spiritualist phenomenon in the foundation of psychology as an independent science in the 19th century.

Ana Maria studied the archives of the 19th and 20th centuries in Paris, Bucharest, Mainz, Frankfurt, Barcelona and London and gathered all these rare documents in a study, which is the first of its kind in the international academic world. The doctoral thesis is the first to prove the existence of the spiritualist phenomenon as an active factor in the development of women's rights in the United States, in launching and expanding democracy in France and in culturalizing and opening cultural horizons in Romanian society and culture. Ana published numerous articles and studies during her doctoral studies, such as: "The impact of the spiritualist phenomenon on the society and history of the 19th century", in Terra Sebvs. Acta Mvsei Sabesiensis, Vol. 7 (2015), “A historical approach to the spirit phenomenon ist from the 19th century ”, in Romanian Review of Young Researchers, Vol. II, Nr. 4 (2016), ISSN 2393-2775.

Also, a very important study was published in the Romanian Journal of Young Researchers (RRYR), "The role of spiritual phenomena in the development of experimental psychology in the nineteenth century."
In February 2019, the thesis became a book called "Historical Perspective on the Spiritist Phenomenon in Romania".
Ana is now a doctor of history and a researcher who paved the way for research into a phenomenon that has not even been considered important enough to be studied historically until now.
She proved that early psychologists used spiritualistic methods to discover and study the subconscious, and that prominent writers, painters, and historians practiced and researched spiritualism.

Participation in national and international conferences shows his dedication and thirst to change the perspective on history. On November 12, 2016, Ana participated in the “National Conference of PhD Students and Researchers”, with the paper “Historical Perspective on Spiritualism: A Comparative Analysis of British and American Spiritual Periodicals in the Late Nineteenth Century”. At the National Conference of Young Researchers (CNTC 2015) organized by the Romanian Association of Young Scientists and the Institute of History "Nicolae Iorga" Romanian Academy, December 12, 2015, Ana presented her paper "Historical perspective and new research directions of the spiritualist phenomenon" .

Moreover, he participated in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Conference, the Panel of Historical Studies, the Romanian Association of Young Scientists (IIDC 2016) with the paper “The role of spiritualist phenomena in the development of experimental psychology in the 19th century”.

Her research was warmly welcomed at the International Conference on Academic Disciplines, at the American University of Rome, October 19-22, 2015, where Ana presented her research on “Historiography of the Spiritist Phenomenon”.

Closer to the main topic, in 2017, Ana participated in the National Conference of Young Researchers (CNTC 2017) organized by the Romanian Association of Young Scientists, with the paper "Spiritualism and experimental psychology in the nineteenth century."

A very important part of his activity is a weekly TV show, on Canal 33 Romania, where he hosts a show about personal development, spirituality and psychology. Each show has a different theme, from the history of religion, spirituality or psychology, to how competition and negative feelings affect our daily lives. Every Friday, Ana shares valuable advice and historical knowledge on how to live a better life, how to grow and develop a strong society but also how to develop as free individuals, whose influence on the lives of others is positive.

The year 2019 also meant supporting the lecture "Can we change our destiny?" as well as the conference "Activate your inner strength", and in 2020 Ana will continue to hold courses and conferences at the national level on how we can change and help us become what we need to be happy.

Part of her effort to change the world is to launch a free online international course on personal development and spirituality on the Udemy platform ("Doable spirituality: how to connect with your spirit"), which now has students enrolled in 101 countries. The online course features a video conference, written notes, and assignments to be fully understood and integrated into students' daily practice. Ana believes that change begins with us, and access to education should be free, which is why she put all her knowledge and efforts into this free course in which anyone can participate.

In April 2019, Ana Maria received the title of “Woman of the Year” in Belgrade, Serbia, for her research work in the academic field, as well as for her published papers.
The year 2019 also meant supporting the lecture "Can we change our destiny?" as well as the conference "Activate your inner strength", and in 2020 Ana will continue to hold courses and conferences at the national level on how we can change and help us become what we need to be happy.

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When I thought of writing a book about how I feel, somehow it was already written, just waiting for it to materialize in a manuscript. Although I have published plays, articles, doctoral theses in the past, a book about how I feel and I am, it has been shown to me as a challenge and at the same time as a chance to pass on all the things I have learned. about me and my inner universe.

When I was in high school, Albert Camus, Eugene Ionesco or Emil Cioran fascinated me, the absurd existentialism and yet so intense seemed to me the only possible explanation of the often meaningless world in which we live. Everything I lived was about me but at the same time it had nothing to do with me… so many questions, sometimes deep suffering, then I got to the same point where I had left: to myself. I tried to hide from myself, until I understood that everything that does not heal ends up consuming us unnecessarily and deeply. All the sorrows we do not take on actually become part of our identity and from one point on we become a dangerous refuge for everything we do not assume we feel and live.

The most revealing moment from a spiritual point of view, although they were absolutely innumerable throughout life, was when I started my doctorate on the history of the spiritualist phenomenon. I'm still amused by the reaction I generate when I say the word "spiritism." It seems that all the ghosts in the Universe gather to harm the person who is trying to associate this phenomenon with specialized fiction. Spiritism is not about ghosts, it is about spirit. It is perhaps the most extensive research on the nature of the spirit and its capabilities. Of course, a myth once created is difficult to remove from the collective consciousness, but perhaps, with the help of historical data, we can realize the importance of this phenomenon for experimental psychologists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. the twentieth. In fact, psychology as an independent science has its bases in experiments with mediums, which Charcot or Binet undertake in a Paris exalted by metapsychic phenomena that show us what is beyond consciousness.

This search for what we are does not begin with the spiritualist phenomenon, it precedes not only our existence but also its history, the cuneiform writings talking about numerous occult practices through which we try to communicate with the spirits of the dead.
When I tried to find out who I was, I realized that apart from what I manifest in everyday life, there is something inside me. Something that likes certain people, certain places, certain activities, something that does not take into account my mind and what I consider to be logical and rational.

What is this something? The spirit. What does this spirit do? From a quantum perspective, the spirit is the eternal consciousness that survives physical death and stores after each human existence stored all the feelings, states and thoughts we had from birth to our physical death.

The concept of death is frightening because we cling to the only thing we feel we know and have in the end: our lives. Paradoxically, for our spirit, each incarnation is a seal of the infinite potential it has, but it is a necessary limitation that a spirit takes on from the moment it incarnates.
This physical existence, which causes us so much pain, frustration and worry, is the planetary school that the spirit follows, and whose rules it follows.

Why? To purify oneself of all the valences of the ego, to get rid of the need for control, to learn compassion and love, but especially to heal oneself of all the wounds of all other existences. When I realized that I was part of this eternal, immaterial and unlimited spirit, my life changed radically. I began to be able to distinguish between what my spirit wants and what my mind tells me I need. I began to quietly observe the attachments, the possessiveness, the need to know what was coming, which I manifest unconsciously, and to work with all these aspects absolutely harmful to my divine essence, but very present in daily life. I started to get annoyed when I didn't succeed in what I set out to do, to understand in depth why certain people don't want me, to no longer identify with physical or emotional pain as "me". Basically, I started to live in my spirit and give myself the chance to live freely. To live life as it is, not as my mind tells me it is. To serenely accept suffering, and thus to stop suffering.

A key aspect of spiritual healing is the absence of pride. Pride is all that we have accumulated as predefined data about us, data that correspond to a certain social, economic or professional status. Pride is the opposite of the spirit: the more it receives, the more it receives he wants more. Pride can never be satisfied, we are never satisfied no matter what we do, it always wants more, and it offers nothing in return.

The spirit, on the other hand, does not need anything, it is self-sufficient, but we could say that the only need is not to obstruct its path, by analyzing the mind that tries to replace its role in our lives. When the mind interposes itself between what we are and our spirit, we remain connected to a limited part of what we are: we can live our lives quietly, but the quality of life decreases and most importantly when we do not identify with our spirit, pride begins to grow significantly. The mind is not endangered by pride, on the contrary, all the scenarios it makes are the prerogative of pride in which we mirror ourselves stronger, more accomplished than we are. The spirit, on the other hand, does not need any validation or confirmation, it is at any moment of our existence completely, in full harmony with everything that happens and is untouched by the thirst for power that pride instills in us. The spirit knows that all experiences are temporary, only he is eternal, he knows that he is in no hurry anywhere and that he has all the time in the world (literally) to experience himself through a human being in each individual existence.

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