Names and history - Local Rucar - Arges county - Interference linguistic and historical - Rucar - Arges - Rucar - Fagaras Soveja Rucareni - Dragosloveni

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ISBN: 978-973-749-646-1

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 253

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Constanţa Bărboi

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The idea to make a  birthday paper obsessed me since student. Teachers from the Faculty of Philology, University of Bucharest, which was my teacher of seminar or course in Romanian: Marioţeanu Caragiu Matilda, Maria Manoliu-Manea, Alexandru Niculescu, academics Iorgu Jordan Alexandru Graur, Demetrius lean Ion Coteanu, Byck Jack asked me, not infrequently, hence my name Micudă - a name very rare or less common. I found that the inner walls of the Church of Zarnesti - Brasov county, of course later, when I deal with my doctoral thesis. Mr. Apostol Buşulenga late husband, Mrs. Zoe Dumitrescu-Buşulenga academician, identified respectively as Aromanian name. Academics Iorgu Jordan Alexandru Graur - specialists in problems birthday - etymology of the word sent far away to the Indo-Europeanism or Japanese space.
Since I have not found the name in the certificate Rucar, until today I could not solve the mystery, he remained in the village of Lower Bughea, Câmpulung Arges.
A decisive influence on the choice of PhD topic was on me prof. Augustine Z.N. Pop, Mihai Eminescu and fully lovers, like Perpessicius, would end up blind. Olga Smith, wife of Mr. Augustine Z.N. Pop was my teacher Câmpulung Muscel Romanian and from time to time, came and made us hours Pedagogical High School girls and Augustin ZN Pop - then professor (1950-1954) - Pedagogical High School boys.
I made a decision about between 1970-1972, after starting to collect some impressions and materials activities on the ground, they also perform service line, the Ministry of Education.
I could not imagine that I will harness the titanic work, because it was so. Field research in three areas: Rucăr-Arges, Rucăr-Fagaras Rucăr-Dragosloveni-Soveja, questionnaires, archives, interviews with people in the country consulting the literature and foreign language clashes with specialists from the Institute of Bucharest - George Bolocan and Christian Ionescu, Grigore Rusu from Cluj - led to the development work. Professor Augustine Z.N. Pop approached him and linguist Alf Lombard in Sweden, whose students had been in Bucharest, a good knowledge of Romanian language and romanisticii in connection with any certificates of Roman Rucăr-Arges area. And the answer was not left waiting for the Swedish scientist sent to the Institute of History "N. Iorga "an interesting work of Swedish diplomat Brorssor Rŕlamb Claes (1622-1698) who, in 1657, went to Constantinople as ambassador in our country, stopping in this space Rucăr, which describes it very nicely and meaningful for our research.
I translated with the help of specialists from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs chapter interested me. I also used as a series of studies documenting the French and German literature, which I found very interesting ideas. I have been of great benefit studies and discussions with Mr. Dr. G. parties, one of the most knowledgeable researchers that area and gave me a handy volume, then emerging, rucărene documents and a sociological monograph Rucar, which appeared in 1972.
Special guidance I received in the first part - exams, papers - the academician Demetrius Macrea - whose PhD student I was two years 1972-1974, until the disease has not allowed them respite necessary. Continuing with the academician Alexandru Graur, I managed to go to completion, in 1976, work that could be subject to doctorate.
I support the work of the amphitheater "Al. Odobescu "of the Faculty of Philology, Bucharest, with the president Ion Coteanu academician, the then dean. The committee was made up of academician Alexandru Graur - leader Ph.D., Univ. Dr. Gregory Brancusi, researcher Dr. George Bolocan, sector head at the Institute of Linguistics birthday, researcher Dr. Gregory Rusu, Institute of Linguistics and Literary History "Babes-Bolyai" in Cluj-Napoca.
The thesis was presented on 21 July 1976, confirmed by decision no. 130/461 of 27 July 1976, University of Bucharest. Ph.D. in Philology was confirmed at the meeting of the Superior Diplomas of the Ministry of Education on 25 September 1976, with 63 votes of 64 present, a vote was canceled.
The work may provide a model of achievement by pupils and teachers and also other local monographs, knowing that interference between the birthday and history highlight the origin, continuity and unity for approval of our existence in this space.
I thought that it would be the views of doctors and referees manager specialists, just the idea of ​​encouraging such activities.
This was the reason why the House "universe encyclopedia" by her distinguished director Vlad Popa, taking up my offer, obtained a grant from the Ministry of Culture, for which we thank.
Although the work involves a study done 30 years ago because it is present in the Rucăr-Arges, as can be seen in the documents studied and presented in the paper, Name changes, especially the toponymic, are more difficult.
Dedicate this work to my soul that teachers today are not, but that I learned that through work, ambition, perseverance and joy and still can not get simple, such as those that gave life to me at the end of twentieth century round, for the twenty-first century, the century that begins by declaring significantly by Ion Caramitru - Minister of Culture - 2000, "Mihai Eminescu Year".
So my thoughts piously and respect goes to those who have remained with us, by what science has done in Romanian linguistics, and not only - academics: Iorgu Jordan Alexandru Graur, Ion Coteanu, Demetrius Macri, Professor. Dr. Augustine Z.N. Pop, Mioara Avram and to those in life that I mentioned above.
My thank Mr. G. parties, a distinguished historian of muscelene places, my family who supported me in times of despair effort, my colleagues and friends, Professor Gelu Stanescu, a distinguished specialist in French, Christian Ionescu, a great specialist in the birthday and, although there is no country today, his name is uttered in the context of the Romanian science birthday.
I eventually left because the development stages is confirmed, my friend Elena Matei, who, with love and power known, perfectly typed a paper that puts a lot of problems and send them to space America, where he lives today with his son Catalin them, my thanks.
A tribute to soul-Arges Rucăr villagers bring former mayor G. Milos, the school, Nicholas Radulescu, school teachers and villagers from the village Rucăr Vistea, Rucăr village, Brasov County and village Soveja, then director of the school of Soveja Florica Albu - hearty people who have given me during my research special support.
Thanks to the threshold of 2000 Encyclopedic Universe Publishing Director Vlad Popa, Mrs. Rodica Chiriacescu and everyone who worked on the computer and printing for the paper to see the light of day at the beginning of the third millennium as a tribute to the people and inhabitants of the three Rucăr: Rucăr-Arges, Fagaras-Brasov-Vrancea Soveja.
Starting from the statement that in the several villages Muscelului formed by Romanian emigration from Transylvania, the parents and, further, by grandparents, and we put ourselves in those areas: Corbi, nutmeg (if female) and Lower Bughea (paternal).
In 2001, 25 years of doctoral thesis support (21 July 19 716), courtesy of Meteor Press Publishing, its Director, Mr. Gigi Alecu, names and history has seen the light of day in the second edition.
Everyone who contributed to the second edition of bring our thanks.
I've had with my friends: Sybil, Nicu, Tudor Emmanuel-Fertig, who encouraged me and a friendship which binds me over 40 years.
This third edition appeared in 2009, the University Publishing House, with great kindness and understanding of the director Muscalu Basil, whom we thank for their support for this card to see the light of day soul. We thank the entire staff of the publishing house that has contributed to the paper: Amelia Visan, Angelica Badea, G. Dr. Jovan, who printed the work.
Special thanks for Mrs. Rodica Chiriacescu that since the first edition, showed intellectual and professional distinction, interest and soul.
Thanks to my sister, Rodica Muşetoiu, graduated from the Faculty of Philology, University of Bucharest, which, as a worker at the National Archives, I facilitated confrontation with the world interesting documents.
We are glad that this book, in which Transylvania, Moldova and Romanian Country shake hands again - the names of people and places, the historical events that marked their existence - can occur now at the beginning of XXI century.
A respect for people going places three Rucăr and wish to endure over time, as they did before.


Constanţa Bărboi




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