Mihai Eminescu - statistical characteristics and information

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ISBN: 978-973-749-398-9

Publisher year: 2008

Edition: I

Pages: 101

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Ilie Torsan

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Mathematical Research Eminescu's poetry has a long tradition in our country.
Research Demetrius lean on the frequency phonemes in some Eminescu's poems, in 1942, and research in the same area by D. Caracostea, also in 1942, there are at least two years before the world is a book dedicated statistical methods in style.
Follows a period in which the use of statistical methods in style, took a certain extent, during which appear interesting works in the field.
Among other works published, holds interesting research conducted by Louise Shechem, "Eminescu's artistic vocabulary in statistical perspective," literary language and literature studies, Ed Acad 1969, Tudor Vianu "Statistics lexical and vocabulary problem Eminescu" Romanian language , year VIII, 1959, Solomon Marcus "Entropy et poétique Energy - à trois avec POESIES application of Eminescu" Cahiers by linguistique théorique et appliquée, vol 4, 1967 and many other works by this bill.
Marcus Solomon, mathematician involved effectively in charge of the research mentioned, referring to the prospects of this investigation and what still prevents addressing the deeper layers of Eminescu universe, yet in 1970 highlight the following: "First of all - remarkable mathematician S. Marcus - you must see that mathematical research methods Eminescu's poetry has been undertaken so far by mathematicians, engineers and linguists with a relatively brief training in terms of understanding the phenomenon of literary and sometimes with a shallow enough mathematical training. There were still made of specialized researchers literature (literary critics or historians) that to be acquired while Mathematics and Cybernetics culture and a modern vision of the literary phenomenon. "
What is the current situation in this area? It is difficult to answer arguments, but it seems that things are not at the desired level and possibly since such works are received with many reservations.

In the present study we analyzed 25 Eminescu's poems, each of them studying the following characteristics:
- Frequency of letters;
- Frequencies of the initial and final letters of words,
- Average length of the verses,
- Average number of distinct letters for lines,
- The average is an indicator for comparing redondanţelor,
- Structure size,
- Analysis of words belonging crowd terminology sector nature, which, Tudor Vianu, is present mainly in poetry during adulthood.

Because more important than the direct application of statistical stylistics Eminescu's poetry seem to be applications of probability theory concepts through information theory, we refer to these applications.
In this sense, studied crowds - totally poetry, crowds composed of initial letters, final question, the words, rhyming words crowd were calculated energy and entropy information

  • Mihai Eminescu - caracteristici statistice şi informaţionale

Ilie Torsan

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