Mihai Eminescu - A world given to us

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ISBN: 978-973-749-339-2

Publisher year: 2008

Edition: I

Pages: 368

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Constanţa Bărboi

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I always encouraged endeavors to make a book about Eminescu and more so when it is designated to help the school - students and teachers searching long and generous personality always unrivaled Eminescu.
From Romanian school requirements - entered in the books, software, document granting a wider study area Mihai Eminescu - but never enough - this book has the merit of extending the possibilities of interpretation, information, and design synthesis, from multiple angles, the poet's personality, his heroic giant in outline, ethical, artistic, by thinking, sensitivity, knowledge and aspirations to absolute.
Studies selected by the author - from Maiorescu in G. Calinescu, T. Vianu, N. Silberman, Aron Cotruş, Pompiliu Constantinescu, E. Lovinescu, Perpessicius Constantin Noica, Mircea Eliade, D. Popovici, Eugen Todoran at Del Rosa Conte - retain the attention of those who receive and enjoy the blessing of Eminescu's genius, teachers contributing their soul - and I think the students, our friends, now smaller, but our hope tomorrow - ideas, feelings which were the subject, while , the national investigations and universal, to play as complex and full of personality and artistic spirit of our national poet - Mihai Eminescu.
Eminescu text is missing, one that gives you joy and spiritual and intellectual edifice that supports all the notes of history and literary criticism, literature enriching Eminescu.
Always wanting more and better for the younger generations culture, I believe that through this effort entitled soul and knowledge of what is required in school, this book will stop the mind and heart to the lessons of Mihai Eminescu, or alone, study table, again and again communicating with perennial values ​​of our culture.
My words of the first edition of this book proved to be auspicious. In 2001, 135 years after the onset of Eminescu, the book A world given to us, made by a distinguished professor of Romanian - Constanta Barboi - enjoy our souls with a new edition - the fifth - achieved excellent graphic conditions.
I was present, in 1998, the launch of the third edition, in a meeting of soul and feeling the Romanian National College library, St Sava ", where students were given a lesson Constanta Barboi intellectual refinement in the presence of their teachers, the guests, of poets - Ghelmez Petre, Coman Sova - former students of mine, and Constanta Barboi, and feelings that bind me appreciation efforts in time to continue modernization of the Romanian language and literature in Romanian school, or organization of many editions of the National Competition, Mihai Eminescu "and I had the honor of being President.
Keep the memories of those days hot emotion, full of youthful enthusiasm and youthful spirit.




The book, divided into three parts, contains essential information on the poet's life and work, suggestions for the interpretation of Eminescu's main lyrical themes and motifs.

· 100 poems annotated
· Comments literary poetry, prose and drama Mihai Eminescu
· Literary criticism texts signed by the leading exegetes of Eminescu's work, selected on the basis of curricula and textbooks
· Creation and poetic thoughts in memory of Romanian cultural personalities and universal
The book is designed to prepare students for study in high school entrance exam, the baccalaureate, school competitions and admission to higher education. It is equally useful for teachers, all those interested.

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Constanţa Bărboi

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