Editura Universitara MEMOMED 2012 - 18th edition

81,89 Lei

ISBN: ISSN 2069-2447

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: 18


Publisher: Universitară

Author: Dumitru Dobrescu

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MEMOMED 2012 is divided into three volumesVolume 1stored allopathicpharmacologyVolume 2stored phytotherapyVolume 3allopathic andhomeopathic guide pharmacotherapy.

Paper price is 85 lei / set.

Reservations made ​​by February 6, 2012 will receive a discount of 20% of the work.

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MEMOMED appearance in 2012 is a new first in the literature, both with updated information and the fact that for the first time is integrated into the work volume, dedicated to phytotherapy.

Now in its 18th edition, 2012 MEMOMED conducted by a prestigious group of authors, under the direction of Academician Prof. Dr. Mr. Dumitru Dobrescu lecturer.MEMOMED 2012 is divided into three volumes: Volume 1, stored allopathic pharmacology, Volume 2, stored phytotherapy, Volume 3, allopathic and homeopathic guide pharmacotherapy. The decision to add a third volume devoted to phytotherapy is based on the product design field in all its complexity.

Memoratorul allopathic pharmacology, the first volume of the paper is designed to cover information needs of doctors and pharmacists, with household data on medicines registered in Romania. This is a revised and enlarged edition, with updated information on correct use of allopathic medicines Memoratorul pharmacology pharmacology is drawn on the structure provided by ATC classification of medicines, used as an official document of the World Health Organization.

The originality of the second volume, stored phytotherapy, which is the first edition, is that the material is structured for the first time in Romanian, according to the classification pharmacology of medicinal plants "Herbal ATC Index", adopted by the World Health and is a reproduction, suitable for medicinal plants, the "ATC Index".As allopathic drug therapy (pharmacotherapy allopathic) and homeopathic medicines (pharmacotherapy homeopathic), which are branches of allopathic pharmacology, respectively homeopathic herbal medicine - herbal therapy - is the branch of pharmacology of medicinal plants.

Preparation Memoratorului of phytotherapy is a plea to maintain the therapeutic arsenal of medicinal plants in science. Comparative presentation of the Memoratorului allopathic phytotherapy is an argument to support the utility of both classes of drugs and their use is legitimate.

Allopathic and homeopathic guide pharmacotherapy on the other hand, given the opportunity specialists and lay persons, to consult, compared the two therapies, for broadening the horizon of treatments can be prescribed in different diseases.

In the new edition's MEMOMED, ​​the authors provide theoretical and practical arguments to show that allopathy and homeopathy must occupy equal positions in the field of medicine and homeopathic pharmacology to become an object of study in faculties, on par with allopathic pharmacology.

MEMOMED 2012 is recommended for both doctors and pharmacists and those interested in knowing the latest information and therapeutic practices.

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Dumitru Dobrescu

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