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Editura Evrika Memorable. From the idea to the moment that changes the world - Cristian Brancu

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Publisher: Evrika

Author: Cristian Brancu

Pages: 192

Publisher year: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-94903-7-2

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The dictionary says that ELOCVENT is the art of speaking beautifully, emotionally and convincingly. Nothing is more eloquent than a well-told story, and Cristi Brancu guides us through this book to eloquence, a competence that any person who wants to make a difference in the world must acquire. It is a book that must be read at least once and, obviously, then practiced daily.
Cristian ONETIU

"Memorable" is a motivational and inspirational book about the search for perfection in terms of stage presence, the art of speech and those ingredients that must be included in the recipe of a message for it to be successful. A volume written with a lot of passion and dedication that harmonizes in a memorable way the experiences of some world personalities recognized as landmarks for the sphere of public relations and the life experience of the author in the forefront of quality mundane journalism in our country.

A revealing and opening book of paths and perspectives for all those passionate about the world of showbiz and the field of public relations.
Mihai-Bogdan MARIAN
Cristian Brancu

Chapter I. The four primordial laws for a memorable moment / 7
Chapter II. The construction begins with the story / 19
Chapter III. Perfect everything. Conceive the perfect message / 38
Chapter IV. Five keynote speech techniques / 109
Chapter V. Be concise! Be simple! Be victorious! / 143
Chapter VI. Do you have trac? It's very good! / 161
Chapter VII. Your end / 182

Chapter I

Genius and work as a waiter
Grandma's eyes were overflowing with hope. But they are of the specific firmness of the Saxon who believed, almost improbably, that there, in the anonymous but so well-arranged Semlac of Arad, from the communist darkness of the '60s, a miracle can be born. The pension of 115 lei went to his favorite nephew, a vain and tall boy, who ran away every night to play football. But necessarily after you feed and clean the family pig pens. The teenager had the courage and that perfect touch of madness necessary for football goalkeepers. His immeasurable zeal took him higher and higher in a few years. But the star of the early '80s was a rather drifting ship, where the German was in the shadow of a legend, the owner Vasile Iordache. It could have been the unadapted reserve, the failure to mediocrity, until the astral moment appeared. Reversal of the situation. Suspected from the counter in a match, the owner would be eliminated from the team - with the sharp decisions of the politicians of the time - and here is Helmuth, the serious boy, the guard of the goal.

The thrilling moments of the beginning were not simple, but somehow, together with valuable teammates, Helmuth got up, helped by the balance and maturity of the coaches who believed in his vitality. It's him, Duckadam, and it's no secret that the goalkeeper who seemed "part of the team" of some stars who will make history had, on May 7, the moment of grace that made him unique. Crazy work, ambition, tenacity, devouring love for sports have paid off superlatively, being DECISIVE in the most beautiful moment of Romanian football. Forever.

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