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Editura Pro Universitaria The path of the soul - Ana Maria Ducuta

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Publisher: Pro Universitaria

Author: Ana Maria Ducuta

Publisher year: 2021

Pages: 192

ISBN: 978-606-26-1346-4

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"The Way of the Soul" is the fourth book written by Dr. Ana Maria Ducuta, and is a continuation of the book "The Road to Us", published in 2020. After researching and studying in his doctoral thesis in history the mechanisms of functioning of the mind and soul (as they are presented by experimental psychologists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries), Ana continued to seek the answer in quantum physics and psychology, as well as ancient Eastern philosophy on how does this soul work? Do we all have a soul, why is it important?

The book is a journey to the center of our being, in the heart of emotion and thought where the soul takes its juice, and tries to respond to the eternal search for that something we want in our lives, but we do not know how to identify it and where to find it. luam.

Why go on the "Path of the Soul"? Because from any other path we start, we reach the road with priority and one way: the Way of our Soul, the reason for our existence, the most precious joy and the only experience of eternity that we have in the past, but eternal life when ... it's with and about the soul.
  • The path of the soul - Ana Maria Ducuta

Ana Maria Ducuta is 30 years old and comes from Slobozia, a small town in southeastern Romania. From the age of seven, Ana Maria had her own live radio show, for three hours, every Saturday and Sunday. At the age of seven he was the only child in Romania who was employed by a radio station. From 1996 to 2001, Ana was the director and presenter of the show "Children's Campus" where for 3 hours every Saturday and Sunday she made and presented a children's show in which young talents sang poems, sang or participated in general culture competitions. Ana Maria was thus invited by the national TV stations that interviewed her, on shows on TVR1 ("Objective"), Antena 1 ("Family Sunday"), TVR 2, ProTV ("Under the question with Adrian Paunescu) , Prima TV and Acasa TV, to talk about making a radio show, completely organized and presented by a child.Also, from the age of ten Ana was a contributor to the newspaper "Concret" where she published a series of weekly articles , which later came to be published in her first book "From the radio ... in the world of stories for adults". During high school, Ana Maria initiated the first theater group in French, a group that participated in many festival hate, nationally and abroad. Ana Maria wrote absurd theater in French, and her plays were staged at many local festivals in Romania but also in France.

Chapter 1. About me / 15
Chapter 2. About me and the others / 86
Chapter 3. About us / 111
Chapter 4. Poems / 177

The balance of thought and feeling

We often say "I let you think about it" or "I give you a little time to think." Why don't we say "I let you feel this", "I give you a little time to feel"?

Because we are taught that something is right if it is thought, not felt. Because it seems to us that a correct and impartial reasoning is that of the mind, exclusively. But what do we do if our reasoning is correct but does not match the feeling? What do we do if we know something and feel something else?

The balance between what I think and what I feel is a priority in my emotional evolution. Specifically, there must be a connection between my thoughts and emotions, they must not contradict each other. That is, to do not only what I think, not just what I feel, but my thinking and feeling to work together when I make decisions.

Thus, when my feeling misleads me (I am emotionally dependent on a toxic person, I feel that I love him) my thinking can save me (I rationally understand that it hurts me, I analyze my feeling and I see that it is caused by an emotional trauma , which, once I become aware, I begin to heal). Likewise, when my thinking misleads me (I am extremely rigid, I judge people by labels and stereotypes), my feeling can save me (I relate to others as souls, through my own soul and let them let me discover from their feeling, and do not stop their access to my prejudice).

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