Night belongs to no one

19,27 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-226-5

Publisher year: 2007

Edition: I

Pages: 344

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Dan Ghitescu

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"It says on average worldwide, each year a novel about Ovid, Roman poet now two thousand years exiled in Tomis. Ghitescu Dan wrote one of the most beautiful in each appeared before. In competition with different authors so that the format and value each other, Marguerite Yourcenar from up to Marin Mincu, Dan Ghitescu, expatriated himself as a hero, is distinguished by the ability to animate a world lost in the "mists of time ". Night belongs to no one in the novel, novel film, full of life and color, Ovid reveals itself as a man, not as a historical character. At the end of reading, we feel that we have traveled in time and regret I had to separate us from a world that was beginning to love her. " Alex. Stefanescu

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Dan Ghitescu Dan Ghitescu Bucharest is true-born Canadian by birth and by alienation.
Tail hanging pen as the only permanent pass easily from bohemian theater director at the television, where they found the place for a short period: 21 years. Canadian television producer, he does not forget the origins: Montreal founded "Little Romanian Theatre" and around the famous actors who, like himself, were established in francophone metropolis of Canada. Together they offer unforgettable evening of theater Romanian colony in Canada, the United States and Israel. In French, among others, mounted "seats" by Eugene Ionesco.
Contributor to the press in the Romanian Diaspora in North America, write reviews, reports and weekly analysis of international politics.
In the first days of January 1990, returns after 20 years, first in Bucharest, leading a team to capture images hot turnaj of the Revolution. The film "Cursed Dynasty" which he produced and performed, remains a reference document on the Romanian Revolution.
In 1992 in Bucharest publishes a political fable called "Dust and powder," a novel "pseudo-history" built on the idea of ​​a phalanstery "avant baths. In the fifteenth century, a group of peasants and a Moldovan Print, animated by the best intentions , retreat in the mountains in order to build an egalitarian society. The result ... I was in the title novel.
"In 1997 appears" Sign chameleon "a" novel sketchs "that add islands epic Romanian gulag damages, other crippled destinies. Other biographies crushed and yet impossible to snatch a relentless hope to save humanity, the right to happiness."
"Dan does not leave this hell Ghitescu to poison their destinies and characters redeem losses through an epic style, alert, intelligent, lucid, developing a sense of compassion and complicity to the human condition."
"It is not paradoxical to write a novel against lies, placing the fate of all characters in the Zodiac chameleon" (Doina Uricariu)
In 2002, the public "the east", also with Doina Uricariu editorial contribution, the sun sets, which tells the tumultuous friendship between two great French writer, Romain Rolland and Stump. Great senior French literature, Nobel laureate for literature, Romain Rolland, friendship binds an adventurer of genius, the novel Stump and help him become the great writer was. "Their friendship is tragic depths universal and human relationship between them illustrates the phenomenon of" permanent illusion "says Dan Ghitescu. 'Drama generous attachment to a certain number of Western intellectuals manipulated by Moscow left strikes the most. Later, some of them were awake at dawn to find that their illusions, the sun ...
"Torn between the ideal of friendship and truth, Istrati sacrificed friendship, Romain Rolland killed them both."
"The night belongs to no one" tells the Latin poet Ovid Naso life, exiled by Augustus to Tomis. This requires a considerable Dan Ghitescu his challenge: He says the voice of a narrator all contemporary with Ovid and thus prohibits its comparison with today. Despite this, his message trasnmite by chaining events and reactions of characters. Ovid described as a titan of poetry that sings love and peace. Ovid up woman on pedestal emancipation against the imperial policy of preserving the patriarchal traditions. Augustus has all the hypocrisy and manipulation, as a worthy father of modern politics. Mecenas seems to be a true minister of propaganda, and Virgil and Horace is a little like those described in history books. Surprising conclusion of the novel, makes us feel the first pulses of the Galilean miracle.
Dan Ghitescu displays a taste for history and politics, and although some of his novels are born from an exhaustive documentation, they remain prisoners neither history nor biography. Real plays here an important role in the author's imagination path without a enfeoff. Deep exploration of his characters' souls, his works give psychological and even philosophical dimension.
Theatrical experience of man and writer who has blended the destiny slipping Eastern dictatorships and democracies Travelling from the West, helped him to climb on the world stage souls tried by the tragic history histrionic imposed.
Accustomed to writing playwrights, most of his books have a pronounced cinematic structure. Also, writing ability dialogues carry us like a theater in a box and give a nice flow of reading.
Literary and art building which liveliness chained action as a thriller, is perhaps the most important characteristic of Dan Ghitescu literature.

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