Editura Neverland Vama Veche - Cosmin Baiu

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Publisher: Neverland

Author: Cosmin Baiu

Pages: 256

Publisher year: 2021

ISBN: 978-606-9018-56-9

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Vama Veche, a picturesque seaside village and rockers' paradise of all times.

For seven students who arrived at Customs on summer vacation, life will never be the same. In the dark waters of the Black Sea, a creature from archaic times has appeared, which can take the form of the cruelest nightmares of each victim it feeds on.

The young people start to disappear, while the locals still see themselves undisturbed by their daily routine.

It is time for a group of teenagers to risk their lives and face the most hidden individual fears to try to overcome absolute evil.

Cosmin BAIU is the author of the novels "The Interview" and "The Last Night at Auschwitz", which have known success and recognition among lovers of thriller / horror literature.
Cosmin BAIU has extensive experience in the economic field. He has been working for over 20 years in top banking companies in Europe, occupying multiple executive management positions, including that of a member of several credit committees. He has an experience that combines the activity of credit risk analysis with the activity of selling retail and corporate products, which allows him an overview, unique, of the financial-banking world.

Prologue / 9
Part I: BEGINNING (Chapters I-XI) / 19
Part II: APPEARANCES (Chapters XII-XXII) / 103
Part III: HUNTING (Chapters XXIII-XXXI) / 180
Epilogue / 253

It was already past 2 o'clock at night when the boy decided to leave the bar. The girls at the table had meanwhile become confused and obliterated, a mixture of distorted colors that spoke to him in an equal tone words and phrases that made him more and more sleepy. From time to time they laughed at him, when a student stumbled to the bathroom and finally collapsed between the tables. Once there was a small fight, easily solved by the owner of the bar, who was content to take out the frail and dizzy quarrels outside, in the cool of the night.

What are you doing, are you leaving?! ..., a voice asked him in surprise, coming from the opposite side of the table, where he remembered quite clearly that he had to be his best friend, the one he had come to the sea with. Let him out a little longer, he's really trotted out, he laughed at a female voice.

The boy laughed as if to himself, amused by the pitiful state he had reached. Instinctively he knew that tomorrow he would feel terrible, he only had some experience at the age of nineteen. He leaned the table board with both hands and stood up halfway, praying that his knees would support his weight. The toes barefoot spasmodically gathered the cold sand mixed with roof straw and mountains of discarded cysts.
Ironic laughter around.


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