Directive - amending EU law - and Romanian law

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ISBN: 978-606-28-0209-7

DOI: 10.5682/9786062802097

Publisher year: 2016

Edition: I

Pages: 268

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Dragos Calin, Daniel-Mihail Sandru, Constantin-Mihai Banu

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The present book originates from a conference organized on 11 November 2014 by the Center for European Legal Studies (of the Legal Research Institute „Acad. Andrei Radulescu” of the Romanian Academy) and the Romanian Association for Law and European Affairs. The initial papers were supplemented by some other pieces, in order to have a grasp of the complex picture of the European Union directive.

The directive is defined as act of European Union law which is binding, as to the result to be achieved, upon each Member State to which it is addressed, but which leaves to the national authorities the choice of form and methods.

The ten papers included in this book, which are grouped in five sections and preceded by a solid introduction in the subject-matter, are meant to offer various perspectives on the impact of directive on the Romanian legal order and the three branches of government, without losing sight of the specific case of the Constitutional Court.

  • Directiva - act de dreptul Uniunii Europene – si dreptul român


Introducere. Directiva – act de dreptul Uniunii Europene

(Constantin Mihai BANU)

Partea I – Directiva – act de dreptul Uniunii Europene. Aspecte generale

Daniel-Mihail SANDRU

Directiva – act de dreptul Uniunii Europene – si simplificarea normativa

Daniel-Mihail SANDRU

Autoritatile potential responsabile ale unui stat membru in situatia constatarii neindeplinirii obligatiilor de catre Curtea de Justitie

Tiberiu SAVU

Controlul de legalitate a directivelor reflectat in jurisprudenta recenta a instantelor Uniunii Europene

Partea a II-a – Directiva – act de dreptul Uniunii Europene – si puterile legislativa si executiva

Marieta SAFTA

Limite constitutionale ale legiferarii pe calea ordonantelor de urgenta ale Guvernului

Irina ALEXE, Constantin Mihai BANU

Transpunerea directivei prin ordonanta de urgenta. Exemple recente din dreptul roman si aspecte comparate

Partea a III-a – Directiva – act de dreptul Uniunii Europene – si judecatorul national

Constantin Mihai BANU, Dragos Alin CALIN, Daniel Mihail SANDRU

Concedieri colective in cazul insolventei societatii comerciale si efectul direct orizontal al unei directive. Hotarari ale instantelor romane in context european

Anamaria GROZA

Aplicarea si neaplicarea Directivei 93/13 de catre judecatorul national in cauze analoage


Consideratii privind relevanta dreptului Uniunii Europene pentru materia achizitiilor publice

Partea a IV-a – Directiva – act de dreptul Uniunii Europene – si Curtea Constitutionala

Tudorel TOADER, Marieta SAFTA

Controlul de constitutionalitate al legii de transpunere a directivei

Partea a V-a – Directiva – act de dreptul Uniunii Europene – si sistemul Conventiei europene a drepturilor omului


Judecatorul roman si problema incompatibilitatii directivelor cu Conventia europeana a drepturilor omului. Perspectiva aderarii Uniunii Europene la Conventia europeana a drepturilor omului

Dragos Calin
Daniel-Mihail Sandru
Constantin-Mihai Banu

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