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Editura Universitara Diplomat in Moscow - II - Savian Bulacu-Lapusata

14,45 Lei

ISBN: 978-606-591-212-0

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: I

Pages: 194

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Savian Bulacu-Lapusata

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A book written in a manner nediplomatica by a diplomat, who carries the reader into a mysterious labyrinth of history, the betrayal, intrigue, murder mysteries and extremepassions of men and nations directed collateral existence predestined course.
A compelling read, with exciting stories, with substantial support from the truth, thestrange historical events, among whom was the most controversial figures in Russian history, and more.

Savian Bulacu-Lapusata

He was born on October 1, 1936, in the village Lapusata, Valcea. 

He graduated at the University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" - Iasi, with the title "diplomatist". 

He worked as a teacher in the school system, universities, and as a diplomat in the Foreign Ministry. 

In this capacity he visited many countries, met with eminent politicians, heads of state and government. 

He is author or coauthor of studies, articles and travel notes.

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