Insight Inn. TWAU 2020.

ISBN: 978-606-28-1125-9


Edition: I

Pages: -

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Silvia Osman (Coordonator)

Publisher year: 2020

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The spring of 2020 served everyone an unexpected lesson in freedom. Between the walls of our own homes, freedom, which overwhelmed us or not, caught other colors and deep meanings, drawing new perspectives on our own values, in the silence that made it difficult, overnight, a whole world.
Insight Inn is about such perspectives, a map of the revelations of these values ​​and about freedom, as beautiful young people see and write about it, intelligently placed on the path of becoming human. The freedom to live beautifully and to think indefinitely, to feel and share with others the values ​​and beliefs, feelings and beliefs, as they spring from the depths of their being, are seen in all the works included in this collective volume and are, often, accompanied by anxiety and smoldering revolt, questions that seek (and will certainly find) answers, lively curiosity, logical thinking, valid arguments, seriousness and determination to achieve goals, enthusiasm and sensitivity.
Each of the beautiful young people who wrote about the world around us today, at Insight Inn, corrected the texts written with passion, first hand and (re) organized materials, got informed, edited text and sound, drew, graphically illustrated works and edited audio / video and music a promotional trailer, sang about our world, imagined the virtual launch of their collective volume in times when the collective is rejected by the norms of social distancing and they were all like one, in this common endeavor.
Between the pages of this book you will meet their perspectives on the world around us, shaking and then (re) building, from their dreams and plans for the future, the world in which we will all live, tomorrow. The world around us is changing second by second, perpetually shaped by the energy of emotions and our accumulated thoughts, evolving.
The world that these wonderful young people dream of today you can meet tomorrow, in the years to come, in the more or less distant future and you will be able to recognize it, if you manage to read carefully and understand, between the lines, what I write in Insight Inn SNSPA students, co-authors of this volume, with their young energy, nobility, kindness, courage, dignity, inner strength and determination.
Insight Inn is about introspection and how we find ourselves, looking for our essence, when external circumstances seem unfavorable to us. Insight Inn is about inner searching and choices, about eyes that choose to see the full side of the glass, about bridges that rise from nowhere and go over the void and about the resignification of the deep self, in moments of balance.
Insight Inn is about how we find when we search, how we see, behind closed eyes, when many, all around, are blind. This collective volume, published under the umbrella of the TWAU series (The World Around Us) includes a sum of works written, with care, enthusiasm, passion and enthusiasm, in the lingua franca of the times we live in, by students and graduates of SNSPA Bucharest, specializations in Political Science, International Relations and European Studies, Sociology and Psychology. It is intended to be a starting point for a new beginning, a reinvention and a recalibration of it to be, in now, accepting the light within us and giving up the masks of the world, as a scene without spectators. On a path of freedom thus defined, we can move towards a real paradigm shift in education (and in the community) in which political correctness and moral relativism cease to be our pillars. Silvia Osman

Conf. dr. Silvia Osman
Despre libertate si alti demoni/ 7
HE, Ambassador Fuad Kokaly
An Insight into Our Pandemic/ 11
Prof. dr. Liliana Popescu
Insights into what the pandemic is teaching us /13
SNSPA Alumni/ 17
Daniel Gheorghe
A Time for Introspection/ 19
Alexandra Dobre
The Hardest Hit/ 23
Cristian C. Chira
Dialectical Reflections on Fundamental Concepts /27
Eduard George Tataru
The Fire /31
SNSPA Students / 35
Stefan Andrei
Individually Together/ 37
A New Happiness/ 43
Bianca Andrei
Lockdown/ 49
Andreea-Maria Gheorghe-Pavelescu
Ordering Chaos / 53
Adela Nicoleta Bobu
Blurred Lines / 57
We are not enough yet we are everything / 62
Ana Domenti
breathe in experience, breathe out poetry/ 67
Larisa-Nicoleta Patrascu
Can anyone hear me?/ 71
Teodor Galeri
The Passion for Music / 75
Iuliana Marin
Continuum/ 79
Razvan-Stefan Bunciu
Strolling through A Maze/ 83
Denisa Mihaela Neagu
Grandpa’s Pottery/ 87
Larisa Colonelu
Freedom in Isolation/ 91
Teo Popa
Million-Dollar Moments /
Teodora Maria Stoicescu
Final Phase, Wholeheartedly/ 101
Alexandra Mihaela Badea
Lockdown in Loss/ 105
Ariadna Stratevici
My Moldova during the Pandemic/109
Diana Repanovici
Overnight/ 113
Elena Moldoveanu
Slightly Different/ 117
Elena-Anastasia Gaucan
...trapped, but still on track/ 123
Adam Mihaly-Vegh
The Most Ethical Way to Lose Oneself/ 127
Roxana Irod
Kindness – The Moving Force of Society/ 133
Cristina Grigore
Friendship in the Times of the Pandemic / 137
Georgiana Dancau
Body in Motion / 141
Octavia-Maria Dragos
Life-changing Running / 145
Andrada Danila
The Importance of Self Reflection/ 149
Georgiana-Diana Horobeanu
Living The Now /153
Diana Stefania Grigore
Restoring Nature/ 157
Selin Islam
True Colors / 161
Maria-Andrada Tubultoc
Full Mind or Mindfulness? / 165
Adriana Moroi
I’m connected, so I exist! / 169
Alexandra Neacsu
Overlooking Crisis/ 173
Aria-Serena Lobonea
Gratefully and Gracefully Tiptoeing Life/ 177
Laura Rinja
I am working now! / 181
Ana-Maria Alexandru
Fierce Yearning / 185
Alexandra-Maria Dan
The Poem in Our Hearts/ 189
Stefania Duca
My Lit-Anchor / 193
Andrei Niculae
In Love/ 197
Andreea-Livia Dinu
Quarantine, until you decide it is something else/201
Alexandru-Marius Cristescu
Out with the old, in with the new! / 205
Authors of Original Illustrations Page Index/ 209
Contents / 211

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