The future in romanian and in french - Linguistics and mentalities

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ISBN: 978-973-749-704-8

Publisher year: 2009

Edition: I

Pages: 372

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Roxana Magdalena Barlea

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The book has three main components, the first dealing with the temporal future, the second, tenses, and the third, the representation of the future. It begins with a detailed description of the research that has been made on our subject and presentation of our own theoretical approaches, supplemented by the arguments that motivated our choice (Chapter I). We take the existing descriptions in the framework of different approaches, criticisms, their controversial issues and their possible shortcomings.
In the second part (Chapter II), we make a brief foray into the diachronic (II.1.), Followed by the presentation of future forms in both languages ​​(II.2 and II.3), then to chain with part we consider the most interesting, the analysis uses (II.4). Interpretative procedure of the future will be proposed in the sub-chapter II.5. The last part of this chapter consists of analysis of a class of expressions built with the future.
The third part (Chapter III) by the arguments that we have determined to bring a problem to the theory of language attitudes. We then try to set a time perspective (including a perspective on the future) (III.2) to finish with a few marks on the Romanian visions of the future, as reflected in studies from many areas of Research the neighborhood of mentalities (III.3).
We see, therefore, that this is not a linear structure, with chapters flow from one another, but a structure that has basically a three-level scale: the central part, which is the second , exemplifies the theoretical aspects discussed in the first part and at the same time, logically leads to the perspective on attitudes.


We have assembled a body of considerable size, we used about 300 examples, which are on the one hand, quotes contextualized, on the other hand, frozen expressions. They come from diverse sources: the media (newspapers, but also audio and video recordings of television and radio) literary works; daily oral conversations and collections of oral texts, taken from the spoken language of Internet forums; lexicographical tools, advertising copy written or oral; production "on demand", in the tests we did switch to native speakers. So we go through different types of discourse (political, commercial, literary, etc..), And different registers of language.
The test is based on our choice of statements to be analyzed was their relevance to our initial questions, derived from the main axis of our research: What is universal and what This is particularly the representation of the future?


One of the original brands of our work is the comparison Romanian - French for the future tense of the verb, which has not yet been made known. This subject was discussed, but in part, for the forms of the future, for certain uses or certain features of this time, but not globally, for all uses.
This will also be the difference between the existing studies on the future and ours is the analysis in procedural terms. As elaborated in the first chapter, this approach has already been developed for the main past tense. As for the present and the future, there is, to our knowledge, at present, as primers descriptions or references in the summary description of the other times.
Finally, our attempt to address this issue from the perspective of linguistic mentality seems quite original. Unlike other linguistic analysis "hard and fast", we propose to expand the research to other fields (ethnolinguistic, sociolinguistics, philosophy of language, etc.). That could reveal interesting aspects. It is not strictly a study of attitudes-such, but rather a more open look of linguistics to other disciplines. We try to explain the choice of certain verb forms or structure also influences the sociocultural context of the utterance.


Hopefully lead to the development of a working tool to facilitate first access to several types of conclusions. There will be something that will eventually balance our approach: if at first we present the Romanian through the prism of French at the end of the most obvious phenomena in Romanian will perhaps justify some choices in French.
Our findings could contribute to further research in the field of translation, teaching / learning languages, etc..
The book can therefore apply to researchers in comparative linguistics to teachers of French for the Romanians and the other hand, translators and interpreters, etc..

  • Le futur en roumain et en francais - Linguistique et mentalites


1. Introduction / 9

2. Les bases théoriques
2.1. La problématique du futur / 19
2.2. Le futur dans le cadre de diverses approches des temps verbaux / 27
2.3. L’approche procédurale / 37
2.4. L’analyse contrastive et l’étude du futur en roumain et en français / 47

3. Le temps verbal futur en roumain et en français
3.1. Perspective diachronique / 61
3.2. Les formes du futur en français et en roumain / 68
3.2.1. Le futur en français / 68
3.2.2. Le futur en roumain / 75
3.3. Les emplois du futur en français et en roumain
3.3.1. Le futur à référence temporelle future / 101
3.3.2. Le futur à référence temporelle présente / 128
3.3.3. Le futur à référence temporelle passée / 139
3.3.4. D’autres temps verbaux à référence temporelle future / 144
3.3.5. Les emplois du futur en roumain et en français. Conclusions / 150
3.4. Expressions figees au futur
 3.4.1. Expressions avec F1 / 156
3.4.2. Expressions avec F2 / 177
3.4.3. Expressions avec F3 / 233
3.4.4. Expressions avec F4 / 254
3.4.5. Expressions figées. Conclusions / 259
3.5. Procédure interprétative du futur / 268

4. Linguistique et mentalités
4.1. Au carrefour de deux domaines  / 275
4.2. La perception de la temporalité / 298
4.3. La perception de l’avenir chez les Roumains / 308

5. Conclusions  / 319

Index de concepts-clé  / 329

Rezumat / 333

Abstract / 343

Bibliographie / 353

Index des figures / 371

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Roxana Magdalena Barlea

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