German Grammar - rules, exceptions, communication

24,08 Lei

ISBN: 978-973-749-33-6

Publisher year: 2008

Edition: I


Publisher: Universitară

Author: Doina Sandu

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This paper addresses the general public, all those who aim to penetrate the mysteries of German language and to discover that the rigor and how they can be learned - students of philological profile sections, students and pupils who acquire German as a foreign language, participate in various German language courses -.
The information provided may be useful to study both institutional and individual in the study at any level of learning the language, from beginner to advanced.
This description of the German language should not be regarded as a manual for learning which starts from simple to complex progression in a well determined. A grammar is an information source, in this case with both descriptive and prescriptive.
I covered the main parts of a description of the German language morfosintactice. Chapters have a similar structure, which can easily recognize the role of guide questions.
Summarizing remarks following advantages can be offered work:
- Description of linguistic phenomena (meta) in LB. Romanian
- Essential information without going into details unsuspecting user's hard to reach
- Specialized terminology is both lb. Romanian, as well as in LB. German
- Compliance with the current level of research in the field aiming primarily at creating a working tool for those learning or using German
- More examples - with vocabulary accessible to beginners learning level. German
- Lists - useful for acquiring inventory value of the pragmatic elements of language
- Material well-systematized, easy to use.
I hope that using this as a grammar guide and the possibility of permanent information, users can get to the belief that German is accessible to anyone, and once learned rules package provides a sound basis for using this language fluently widely spoken and noble beauty

  • Gramatica limbii germane - Norme, excepţii, comunicare

Doina Sandu

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