Ei Catscha Dis / At Dawn

ISBN: 978-606-28-0720-7

DOI: 10.5682/9786062807207

Publisher year: 2018

Edition: I

Pages: 216

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Arnold Spescha

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Arnold Spescha

Ei catscha dis / In zori de zi (Arnold Spescha)/ 8-9
Sentupada cun Arnold Spescha / Intalnire cu Arnold Spescha (Magdalena Popescu-Marin) / 12-13
Aurora/Aurora /19
I Fas capriolas cul hers da furbaz / Te zbengui cu o pofta de poznas/ 23
II Satels innocents egl arviul / Nori fini inocenti pe bolta /37
III Ti saultas e fieras figuras / Dansezi si arunci imagini / 51
IV Plievgia migeivla croda sil tetg / Ploaie blanda pe acoperis / 61
V Cametgs perforan il stgir / Fulgere strapung bezna/ 73
VI E spigias ballontschan el ritmus dil vent / Si spicele se leagana in ritmul vantului / 87
VII Finiastras sesarvan / Ferestre se deschid/ 97
VIII Cu ei sufl’els mugrins / Cand sufla prin cotloane/ 123
IX Las tschittas che saultan da tschiel giu sin tiara / Fluturasi saltareti intre cer si pamant / 139
X Il freid fiera siu flad da sibiria / Frigul azvarle suflul sau inghetat / 155
XI Ti tempras la stiva pil di che pruescha / Incalzeste odaia pentru ziua ce se naste /167
Tgietschen dalla sera / Rosu de amurg / 185
Observar il tschiel e descriver la tiara da…/ A observa cerul pentru a descrie pamantul de Renzo Caduff / 188-189
Index / Indice /209-213
Biografias / Biografii /214-215

I don't know when it was. Probably in the early years of school. But I still remember well the first Romanian phrase that I felt as a special expression: They catscha dis "it's daylight". I had the impression that the day appears from the darkness of the night. Like coming out of a den. From darkness to light. This image from the meteorological world has moved me all my life.
Two themes accompanied me and always preoccupied me: weather and music. Music has become the predominant motif in my poems in "There Are Moments of Easy Steps." And the music is with me today.
The weather has been with me since I was little, working in the fields and as a pastor. I was afraid of thunder and lightning. But even more than the thick fog. It impedes vision and covers roads.
The weather also occupied me scientifically. In my dissertation "Wind und Wetter" (Wind and Weather). Weather in the language. Words and phrases, meanings, structures, use. How does it capture, classify and analyze the language of the outside world, its reality, its environment, its environment?
Weather is not just a meteorological phenomenon, important for nature and man. It also serves as a means of communication. It creates bridges, unites. How many discussions are not triggered by the weather!

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