Business English Practice and Progress

ISBN: 978-606-591-918-1

DOI: 10.5682/9786065919181

Publisher year: 2014

Edition: I

Pages: 172

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Virginia Mihaela Dumitrescu, Monica Condruz-Bacescu, Viorela-Valentina Dima, Elena Talmacian, Denise Dona

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Business English Practice and Progress is a comprehensive new course for students of business English at an intermediate or upper-intermediate level (B1-B2 in the Common European Framework). It is particularly useful for students who wish to expand their business knowledge beyond the usual basics, providing them with more complex topics and communication skills required in a professional environment. It is suitable for both classroom use and self study.

Business English Practice and Progress
- is structured around five topics - offshoring, information technology, banking, business law, and ethics.
- covers all four skills as well as grammar and vocabulary work in each unit.
- includes a translation section in each unit, focusing on problematic language transfers between English and Romanian.  
- uses case studies to consolidate specific language and foster group interaction, decision making, and problem solving.
- reinforces key grammatical areas through independent grammar files which combine theory with practice.
- provides guidance for writing argumentative essays, making oral presentations, and participating in debates, meetings and negotiations
- features authentic up-to-date materials drawn from international newspapers and professional websites.
- encourages critical thinking through various business quotes and discussion points.
- presents tasks with different degrees of difficulty in each section to cater for mixed-ability groups. 
- offers a glossary which records all the business terms used in the course.

  • Business English Practice and Progress

Monica Condruz-Bacescu

Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, University of Bucharest in 2000.

Titular lecturer at the Department of Germanic Languages ​​and Business Communication, Business Communication discipline in English, ASE Bucharest.

Ph.D. in Economics in 2006 from ASE Bucharest.

Author and coauthor of over 35 articles in the field of Business English, English literature, economics, has over 25 scientific papers and six books of business English and economics.

Elena Talmacian
Denise Dona
Viorela-Valentina Dima
Virginia Mihaela Dumitrescu

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