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DOI: 10.5682/9786065917699

Publisher year: 2013

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Laura Comanescu
Alexandru Nedelea
Alexandru Nedelea
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The landscape is support all human activities, basic component of natural shell geographically. This study, in all the subject of this paper.

We wanted this work to have a synthetic character and be a useful work and training for students from Year 2 day course and ID of the Faculty of Geography, comprise the most important concepts and contents of the general geomorphology.

The paper is structured in three parts, namely: relief - a subject of geomorphology (which will be presented elements that define geomorphology as a science and its development history, methods, laws and principles thereof, is studying how the topography of a region and stages of this study). The role of internal agents in the genesis of relief (it will focus on rock and structure as passive agents that affect both existing landforms, but also determine the specific landforms). The role of external agents in the genesis of relief (will explain the mechanisms by which external agents lead to a variety of types and forms of relief).

This variety of relief is actually support human society and all its activities, the relief being, depending on the situation, so a limiting factor and a risk factor for human activity.

This paper will focus on understanding the ratio between the geomorphological agents (regardless of their type and morphogenetic environment), they determine the processes and landform results.

Laura Comanescu
Alexandru Nedelea
Alexandru Nedelea

Born in 1968 in Corbeni, Arges County, graduating from high school industrial no. 1 (forest) Arges (1987) and Department of Geography, University of Bucharest (1997), was then master the dynamic geomorphology and environmental protection land (1998).

Since 2005 PhD in Geography with a thesis entitled "Arges Valley in the mountain - geomorphological study".

It is now a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography and Head of the Department of Geomorphology, Pedology.

His research involved geomorphology, applied geomorphology of mountain environments, dynamic geomorphology and geomorphological risks, regional geography of Romania.

He specialized at the University Joseph Fourier Grenoble, France (Institute of Alpine Geography) Fellow, 2002, Abisko Research Station of the Swedish Royal Academy, Fellow 2000 and 2001.

He is author or coauthor of five papers, over 20 articles, 4 of them abroad and numerous research contracts (2 as a project manager and 14 research teams).

He participated in over 40 national and international symposia (France, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Belgium).

Since 1998 is member of the Geomorphology of Romania and the Society of Geography of Romania, and since 2008 member of the Faculty Council and Senate.

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