Essential in meteorology and climatology

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ISBN: 978-973-749-131-2

Publisher year: 2011

Edition: II

Pages: 168

Publisher: Editura Universitară

Author: Sterie Ciulache, Nicoleta Ionac

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The present volume is addressed to students in first year, open distance learning and part-time education, who, animated by their natural desire to broaden the horizon of knowledge, as to that, as natural, the chances increase in competition always present to fill jobs in the field of geography, have decided to use the opportunity offered by this modern form of education, by means that can achieve real and legal qualifications to participate in that competition. He is one of the many books that provide basic bibliography for training students in each of the subjects included in the study experienced geographers developed by the University of Bucharest belonging. Problems of substance consists of two basic subjects essential to give him the title: Meteorology and Climatology essential.

According to the strategy developed for distance learning and part-time education, can not omit the difficulties faced by students in finding and purchasing resource for learning resources necessary for adequate preparation, front manual, like the series of textbooks which hand, offers students essential knowledge for understanding the exact function of how complex systems as a whole atmosphere of the Earth system.
Essentiality effort consisting in selecting the issues and explain the mechanisms of development of processes and phenomena of atmospheric and hydrosphere decisive for the functioning of that system, is doubled for the accessibility of knowledge that often arid and less attractive for most of the students. This latter effort is about trying to ensure maximum clarity of language used in defining the concepts, laws of, etc.., In highlighting the causal links in the hierarchy of factors that generate the various processes and determine their evolution, to identify processes and their consequences for other areas, etc. .
Accessibility and efficiency are followed also by the form adopted by the present manual and all the other books in the series. And as he relaxed in the essentiality and systematization of the material, trying to stimulate and facilitate learning by setting goals for each chapter, the formulation of questions and answers with varying degrees of difficulty, by highlighting key processes and phenomena, some legitimate, some etc. superlatives.

Option for such scientific level textbook presentation of Meteorology and Climatology is based on the relationship between accessibility and efficiency in the context of real addressability. For a higher level could result, for those whom it is addressed, a decline in affordability, and a lower level would result in a decrease in efficiency.

If the authors were sober thoughts and correctly transposed in manually, it remains to be seen. Those who know this are first, of course, users.

The authors

Nicoleta Ionac
Sterie Ciulache

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