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Editura Universitara Botany and plant physiology. Student practical

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ISBN: 978-606-591-374-5

DOI: 10.5682/9786065913745

Publisher year: 2012

Edition: I

Pages: 133

Publisher: Universitară

Author: Elena - coordonator Delian, Aurelia Dobrescu, Liliana Bădulescu, Elena Săvulescu, Vasilica Luchian

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Practical specification of Botany and Plant Physiology was developed as curriculum and structure contribute to good practical training of students of the Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering and Rural Development of the Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, but can be a starting point for the study of botany and plant physiology related profile for future specialists.

This notebook was developed as practical to allow working directly under the guidance of the teacher during lab hours, and for the individual laboratory, the 12 appendices are very helpful.

The authors have selected those tutorials that are easy to perform and convincing them to arouse interest, skill and tenacity for observation and experimentation.Practical work included in this book were chosen from various fields of botany and plant physiology to help understand the material taught in class and complete the essential practical and theoretical concepts.

Along with experiences that describe various aspects of plant anatomy and morphology have been included to highlight specific physiological process development, thus achieving correlation between structures and functions. The keys were given recognition of their species based on morphological features, and their systematic classification. Finally, issues were presented to the practice of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest Botanical Garden and essay preparation practice.

This book is richly illustrated by practical work and presented images, drawings, illustrative diagrams for each project work and are 12 annexes covering over 30 additional photos or drawings. Including spaces for personal observations during the laboratory work aimed at developing the spirit to work both independently and in teams, to assume roles and responsibilities of each activity.

This paper aims to ensure an effective transfer of knowledge as the acquisition of skills for recognition of plants of economic importance, understanding the structure, functioning and specific environmental requirements, in order to steer the physiological processes that depend on production and its quality so that future graduates can obtain adequate training or management of a mixed vegetable farms.

Teachers who have contributed to this book of practical hopes that this new edition will be useful to prepare students of the Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering and Rural Development of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest expects constructive suggestions for future editions.


The authors

  • Botanică şi fiziologia plantelor. Caiet de lucrări practice

Aurelia Dobrescu
Liliana Bădulescu
Elena - coordonator Delian
Elena Săvulescu
Vasilica Luchian

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