Basic Electronic Devices Laboratory

Basic Electronic Devices Laboratory

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Mai multe detalii Basic Electronic Devices Laboratory

This book is intended for the undergraduate laboratory of “Basic Electronic Devices” course, customarily the first course taken by aspiring electronics and telecommunications engineers. These courses are normally found at the second-year college level, although they can also be offered as early as the second semester of the first year as part of a two-semester sequence. 

The laboratory investigations in this manual are designed to demonstrate the theoretical principles set out in the books mentioned in references from the beginning of each Laboratory. A total of 21 laboratory investigations are offered, involving the construction / testing of the circuits discussed in the textbooks and raising main characteristics of electronic devices used. Each investigation can normally be completed within a two-hour period. 

All basic theoretical concepts, necessary circuits and connection diagrams are provided in the manual so that investigations can also be performed without the textbooks. 

Each laboratory work ends with a set of questions and answers, necessary for sedimentation of knowledge acquired during laboratory work and, last but not least, in order to prepare students for final lab evaluation and course exams.

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Adrian Viorel Diaconu

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