Mediation, Road of Peace for Justice in Europe. GEMME, for over a decade now!

Mediation, Road of Peace for Justice in Europe. GEMME, for over a decade now!

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    Doi: 10.5682/9786062802530

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Mai multe detalii Mediation, Road of Peace for Justice in Europe. GEMME, for over a decade now!

Why this book?

GEMME celebrates its 10th anniversary: it is a moment that deserves to be celebrated.

It is difficult to start an association and give it wings, especially since it is a multinational one, formed by people coming from different countries, having different cultures, different responses to challenges, different lifestyles and different mindsets.

But it is possible to experience this diversity and prevail in unity because it is the common denominator that connects us together and gives us a common vision.

We wish Justice and Peace to our country and to our fellow citizens. And we know that mediation represents nowadays an indispensable tool at the service of citizens whose conflicts should be eradicated.

One has said: If you want peace, fight for Justice! We want to add that mediation is the privileged way for obtaining those objectives.

We are aware that the judicial institution is indispensable and fundamental. But, at the same time we are also aware of the fact that nowadays it is not conceivable that we can satisfy the need for Justice by following a unique pathway in which all conflicts could be solved.

Obviously, the celebration of the 10th anniversary of GEMME reaches its peak at the Conference in Paris on the 5th and 6th of June 2014, but this book is a milestone in the history, created to be a reference for the present and to remain a reference for the future.

I want to give thanks to those who made this book possible.

Long live GEMME!


Jaime Octávio Cardona Ferreira,

President of GEMME,

Former First President of the Supreme Court of Portugal

Despre autor

Beatrice Blohorn-Brenneur

Dragos Calin

Judecator la Curtea de Apel Bucuresti, formator al Institutului National al Magistraturii pentru formarea profesionala continua dreptul Uniunii Europene, cooperare judiciara internationala in materie civila si comerciala, dreptul muncii si dreptul asigurarilor sociale; cercetator stiintific asociat al Institutului de Cercetari Juridice al Academiei Romane – Centrul de Studii de Drept European, director al Revistei Forumul Judecatorilor, membru in colegiul stiintific al revistei Jurisclasor CEDO, coeditor al Revistei – Afaceri juridice europene, membru fondator si copresedinte al Asociatiei Forumul Judecatorilor din Romania (2007-prezent), membru al Consiliului de Administratie GEMME Europe  (mai 2010-prezent), vicepresedinte al GEMME Europe – Groupement Européen des Magistrats pour la Médiation (mai 2010-mai 2012), membru fondator al CIMJ (Conférence Internationale de Médiation pour la Justice), octombrie 2009, Paris

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