Culture and Civilisation in the Anglophone World

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The British Empire was the largest empire in history. It stretched from America to New Zealand and from Canada to Antarctica, in both hemispheres, in all points of the compass. It was so large that it was referred to as “The Empire where the sun never sets.” The British exported to the conquered world a language, a civilisation and a culture. The British Empire was a civilising empire, that gave the world a brilliant language, the values and models of a high civilisation. Following the British Empire, there are countries (great powers, continent-states, and many other nations), which carry on the British legacy, especially the English language. Against the background and on the structure of this spiritual, cultural and material heritage, the former colonies of the British Empire have developed their own culture, combining the British elements with their original contribution. Together, they give the identity of these states. The rise of the U.S. in the 20th century, associated with the tremendous progress of technology, gave a new impetus to the planetary expansion of English, which has now become the global language of the planet and humanity. The English language, the British values of civilisation and cultural patterns are the common spiritual background of these countries, members of the Anglophone world, structuring the Angloshere, with strong roots in the British civilisation and culture, and in the British Empire.

The Course Culture and Civilisation in the Anglophone World aims to create an essential picture of the Anglophone world through its most relevant elements. The six major themes: The English

Language, The British Empire, Culture of the United Kingdom, Cutura of the United States of America, Culture of Canada, Culture of Australia make a complex and colourful image of the Anglophone world in terms of language, culture and civilisation. Each unit has a complex structure and emphasizes both the English language elements and those of culture. The issues relating to grammar and to the specialised vocabulary of the domain complement the book profile.

The course is addressed to the bachelor’s and master’s students of various study programmes: Communication and Public Relations, International Relations and European Studies, Political Sciences, Law, Modern Languages etc. It is useful to the doctoral students as well, and, in fact, to anyone interested in the English phenomenon, in the English language, culture and civilization and in the Anglophone world as a whole. Developing communication skills in the English language at a proficient level, extending the general culture scope in this complex and important domain of the today’s world and humanity are the fundamental stake of the book. We wish the studying readers A good and useful journey in the fascinating Anglophone world!

The Author

Cuprinsul cărţii Culture and Civilisation in the Anglophone World

The Living Heritage of the Anglophone World/5

UNIT 1/7

The English Language/9

UNIT 2/51

The British Empire/53

UNIT 3/102

Culture of the United Kingdom/104


Culture of the United States/113


Culture of Canada /147


Culture of Australia/189



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