Writing an ESP Textbook: A Romanian Experience

Writing an ESP Textbook: A Romanian Experience

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The volume documents the growing pains experienced by English teachers in higher education institutions in Romania who turned into textbook writers over the past years and searched for a successful paradigm for in-house produced English for Specific Purposes (ESP) textbooks.  

The study takes a critical look at a textbook writing project and evaluates it in terms of the end product effectiveness in promoting language learning. As such, it sheds light on the ingredients of effective ESP textbooks in the Romanian higher education context. These ingredients have been derived from the literature and reinforced by the classroom practice and empirical research. They are offered to practitioners in the field in the hope that they will be inspired by this experience and able to find a shorter route to the classroom-endorsed success of the perfect textbook each language teacher is dreaming of writing.
The author is a seasoned reflective practitioner with solid grounding in language learning and higher education. Landmarks in her study and research activity are the Master of Education awarded by University of Manchester (British Council grant), the Master of Arts in International and Multicultural Education she earned from University of San Francisco (Fulbright grant) and the PhD in adult education from the University of Bucharest.

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Mihaela Arsene

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