Translation: from theory into practice

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The present book is dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students attending a study program in translation. Stemming from a personal conviction, a disclaimer is due to a zero degree of translation: translation theory is useless unless accompanied, complemented, explained, enriched, cautioned by applied work, which explains the motto that has guided my translation classes for long: “Let’s theorise less and practise more”. This credo has meant for several years an unavowed tendency to deny any rationale of translation theory that meant ‘theory for theory’s sake’. Admitting that this introductory course in Translation Studies is a heterogeneous canvas of concepts, theories and tools, it is a simultaneous attempt to demonstrate that translation theory translated into practice may become festive and rewarding in the process. Whether to the use of students / prospective translators / young trainees, this book is a promise that translation may be amusing, delightful, entertaining, gratifying even in the arid land of theory. If the act of reading reveals a quod erat demonstrandum (QED) in the reader along the way, then the pains of writing will have been entirely rewarded. 

Certainly, the more QEDs the better. 

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