Communication and Public Relations. An Academic Approach through English

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Cuprinsul cărţii Communication and Public Relations. An Academic Approach through English


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Cuvânt înainte Communication and Public Relations. An Academic Approach through English

”Everything is communication”, says a thesis launched by the School of Palo Alto. It is a truth that each of us, specialists in communication or not, get to through the simple observation of reality and existence. Everything happens under the aegis of communication, within this process, with its tools, methods and strategies. Further, nothing exists outside communication. We communicate when we communicate and we communicate when we don’t communicate. Through our mere existence, we communicate. I am, therefore I communicate. I communicate, therefore I am – we can say paraphrasing Descartes.

As a field of academic and professional specialisation, Communication Sciences include a wide range of disciplines and domains, covering a large area of reality: Communication, Public Relations, Advertising, Mass-Media, Negotiation, Management, Marketing etc. They have become essential areas of academic study, research and specialisation and professional areas of prime importance in the contemporary existence. 

In the context of globalisation, the world needs a language of universal communication.

This language is English. In today's world, English is the language that covers the entire planet, the common language of humanity. Professionally and personally, it is the language that transcends borders and differences in a world of linguistic and cultural becoming. Academic education, scientific research make appeal to English as a tool of communication and knowledge. Regarding the vast domain of communication, English has a huge impact on it. English is the language of communication, capitalized or not, in every sense of the phrase.

The course Communication and Public Relations. An Academic Approach through English is an academic guide in the universe of communication, considered in its major areas. An English Guide that leads the reader into the fascinating world of communication and in the no less fascinating world of English. This scientific and linguistic guide aims to help students develop their communication skills in the English language at a proficient academic level. It is meant for the students at the bachelor and master's degrees, but also for the doctoral students in the comprehensive field of communication. English is the universal communication tool for communicators, and experts in communication. The better their communication skills are, the higher their chances of career development become. By its structure and content, the present course is a reliable support in this adventure: the Adventure of Communication in English in Communication and Public Relations.

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Sorin Ivan

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